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Shaman Soul Catcher Amulet Haida Artifact

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For sale is a Northwest Coast carved soul catcher amulet on a hide rope for suspension.

This  hollow cedar soul catcher is inlaid with 46 pieces of abalone shell.  It is carved extensively on the sides and bottom with NWC art forms. Each end is open and this one represents the open mouth of wolves.  In the centre is a face.  It is the same image on both sides.
Soul catchers are a subcategory of amulets.  They were an important healing tool for Shamans who wore them suspended from their necks and used them to recover souls that had left a patient`s body and were thus causing illness.  With the aid of chanting and trances, a shaman could locate a soul, induce it to enter the container and return it to the host to effect a cure.  Soul catchers could also be used for blowing away a disease and evil.
Usually soul catchers are made from bone however, the Haida were known to use wood.
Measurements are 7 1/2 inches long X 2 inches high X 1 1/2 inches wide.  This piece is in very good conditon.
This artifact would be a wonderful addition to any native art  collection as these soul catchers do not come up for sale often.

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Cedar, Shell, Leather

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