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Eskimo Yupik Mask

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For sale is a carved and painted Eskimo or Inuit Yup`ik wood mask.

Since trees cannot grow in the frozen north, Eskimo people (which are related to Inuit) use drift wood to carve special objects.

Yup`ik people use driftwood carried in from the sea, to make masks worn for Shamanic healing rituals and dancing ceremonies.

The shamans instructed the carvers in how to design the mask so the meanings behind most masks are not known.

Many of these masks are transformational as this one depicts two hunters into a seal.  This mask inhabits the spirit of the seal.

This Yup`ik mask is likely early to mid 20th century.

The mask is surrounded with 8 carved elements and the centre depicts two hunters with the seal at one end with a fish in its mouth.

The measurements are 17 x 15 inches and it is in very good condition.

This mask would be a fine addition to any native art collection: thank you for looking and please follow my store as new art is added often.

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Wood, Polychrome

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