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Northwest Coast Heavy FISHING CLUB

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For sale is an authentic Northwest Coast artifact of a heavy cedar fishing club.
The patina and look of the club date it to the early to mid 20th c.
It is a good size at 2.8 pounds and 26 inches long.  The head circumference is 14″ and 9″ at the grip (middle) of the club.
The large and heavy size as well as decorative aspect of the human face at one end of the club make for an interesting ethnographic artifact.
Clubs were part of the fisherman`s gear (used for a quick kill). These clubs ranged from simple truncheons to highly carved works of art.  Artists  and carvers took great craftsmanship with these clubs to show respect for the creature whose death it would bring about.
This large and decoratively carved club is a museum quality example which does not come up for sale often.
Recently acquired from the estate of a collector.
I have been selling native art on line since 1999 so buy with confidence.
Thank you for looking and please follow my store as new art is added often.

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