Northwest Coast ARGILLITE Model Totem Pole

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Fabulous Example of NWC Argillite Storied Model Totem Pole

 For sale is an authentic Northwest Coast argillite totem pole.
Argillite is a variety of shale and the source is limited to a single quarry on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands B.C.) making the stone quite rare.
Model totems were one on the major artworks that argillite carvers designed.
Depicted on this story totem is Human, Killer Whale and Beaver on a Frog base.
These characters are usually a display of the carver`s own crests. Crests are markers of identity, indicating personal inheritance and symbolizing the family`s wealth, position and honor.
This totem is signed by the Haida artist Tom Hans (1925-).  Tom Hans is one of the most prolific argillite carvers living in British Columbia today. He grew up in Skidegate and started to carve argillite at the age of thirteen. His grandfather was Henry Young, and his father was Ike Hans. His father both taught and encouraged him in the art of argillite carving. For more than fifty years, Tom has been dedicated to carving argillite and teaching younger carvers. In terms of Tom’s carving style, he often depicts legends and myths, rather than singular crest figures. His pieces also contain a great amount of detail. He holds Eagle as his family crest.
The inscription on the base reads “Carved by Tom Hans Skidegate B.C.”.
This piece is 11 X 2 inches and in excellent condition.
I have been selling authentic native art on line since 1999 so buy with confidence.
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