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  Northwest Coast Native Bear Sculpture Welcome Figure

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An Excellent Example of Authentic Quality Canadian First Nations Indigenous Art. This is a one of a kind OUTSTANDING Northwest Coast Sculpture with a beautiful finish as you can see.

I am pleased to offer for sale is a yellow cedar Bear welcome figure. Welcome figure were traditionally displayed outside villages to indicate that guests were welcome.  The figures represent the power of guardian spirits.  This particular Bear figure has an anthropomorphic figure emerging from the middle of the carving suggesting the possibility of a transformation.

It is 27” H X 16 ½” W and weighs 8.4 pounds.   In NWC culture Bear is one of the most prevalent figures in myths, & crest and shamanic art.  It is considered a close relative of humankind and is therefore a link between human and non-human animal realms and between the natural and supernatural realms.  Due to their strength and fierceness Bears are the guardians, protectors, and helping spirits of warriors.

I have never seen another piece quite like this and it is beautifully carved and finished. Carved on the inside is the initials “BVP `05”.  I believe from the carving it is Coast Salish.

This stunning carving measures 27” H X 16 ½” W and weighs 8.4 pounds.  The figure is in very good condition with stable cracks that are simply part of the natural characteristics of yellow cedar and it is very solid.

This outstanding unique artist carving would be a great addition to any native art collection.

I have been selling AUTHENTIC Northwest Coast Art since 1999 on line so buy with confidence.

Thank you for looking and please browse & follow my store as new items are continually being added.

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BVP initials


Yellow Cedar

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Coast Salish