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Native American Totem Pole 1940s

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For sale is 1940s carved and painted cedar totem pole. 
Totem poles are about cultural identity and the figures on a pole are the story that goes with it regarding a people`s origins, lineages and other aspects of their history. 
The top figure on this pole is known as the crest which identifies the clan and is traditionally the most prominent figure.  Thunderbird is very important to the Kwakuitl tribe and is very prolific in their art.  Therefore, with most of their totem poles, Tbird is featured on the top of the pole with its mighty wings outstretched as this totem demonstrates.
Beneath Tbird is Bear holding a copper. Bear is considered to be close to humans physical and behavior such as standing on two legs, eating plants, berries, and fish, as well as nurturing young. They are also considered to be guardians, protectors and helping spirits of warriors.
Copper is a shield-shaped object made from beaten copper.  It is an important symbol of wealth, power, status and prestige.
The dimensions are 13 1/2 X 9 1/2:  artist unkown.
The totem is in good condition for its age with expected wear. It appears that one of the wings may be an old repair because the back of the wood does not match exactly. It so, it has been expertly repaired in the past or it could be that is all the artist had to work with. 
In any case, these older totems are difficult to come by and this piece would be a nice addition to any native art collection.
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