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Northwest Coast Native BUTTON Dance Robe/Cape FROG Crest

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Excellent example of an AUTHENTIC Northwest Coast Button Dance Cape or Robe- Fabulous Quality.  These robes are very hard to come by.

I am very pleased to offer for sale a Northwest Coast Haida Button Dance Robe with a Frog crest design.

In Northwest Coast mythology, frogs are respected because they can adapt to land & water. The knowledge and power of frogs make them primary spirit-helpers of shamans.  They are also associated with copper and prosperity.

Button blankets are used in Potlatch ceremonial dances to convey the clan crest.

The back of the robe is 40″ X 40″ with a circle of 12 joined by beads with a larger frog image in the center surrounded by a more extensive bead design. The front of the robe has two sides (as shown) with 8 frogs in a circle connected by beads and there are a few beads missing.  There are also two collars with 12 frogs on each side.

The frogs are made from blue applique on a red robe.  There are hundreds of buttons as well.

When it is laid out, the measurement lengthwise is 78″

This robe was definitely used but is in good condition.

It is difficult to know the exact age of the blanket but from the patina I would say mid 20th c.

I have been selling AUTHENTIC Northwest Coast Art since 1999 on line so buy with confidence.

Thank you for looking and please browse & follow my store as new art is being added weekly.