Northwest Coast First Nations Art Large Moon Mask

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For sale is a large cedar moon mask. It is a personified moon as it represents the human face as many Northwest coast masks do.

The moon controls the tides & illuminates the dark night. It is also associated with transformation and is widely regarded as an important protector and guardian spirit which is why shamans often consider the moon as a spirit guide. Moon is a popular image and is frequently depicted in the art. Moon also appears in the mythology of all Northwest Coast nation, through the origin varies from story to story, even within one culture.

This large deeply carved mask is 14 1/2″ L X 11 1/2″W X 6 1/2″ deep. The mask is surrounded with blue beads creating a decorative bezal and is a wonderful decorative piece as it displays beautifully on the wall. The pictures do not do the mask justice as the cedar grain and depth show better in the flesh (so to speak). The mask is in excellent condition except for some very minor chips around the inside of the eye orbit which does not take away from the look whatsoever.

The mask is signed “Chiefs Moon Mask Johnny Jim Squamish BC 2002”.

I have been selling native masks on line since 1999 so buy with confidence.

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Johnny Jim


Beads, Wood

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Squamish Nation