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Native Indian Model Cedar Canoe

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For sale is a Northwest Coast cedar model of a canoe.

For northwest coast Indians, canoes were central to their way of life and prosperity.  The abundance of large cedar trees permitted the NWC Indians to build dugout canoes which were very sophisticated in terms of speed, capacity and seaworthiness.  This enabled tribes to travel and transport objects long distances to trade or raid other villages as well as hunt and fish.  Thus, the high value placed on canoes made them an important symbol of wealth.

The design of this canoe depicts those used for hunting and fishing.  The high bow and sides were necessary for navigating the high waves on their long journeys.

This wonderful representation is painted with a human on the bow of each end and side: viewed from the bottom of the canoe shows how the images of two humans are joined.

This canoe is 20” L X 6” W and in excellent condition.

This signed canoe was carved by Tony Bellerose who was born Cree but moved to the west coast and studied NWC art.  He primarily works with wood and his art can be found in collections worldwide.

I have been selling native art world wide on line since 1999 so buy with confidence.

Thank you for looking and please browse and follow my store as new art is added often.



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Tony Bellerose


Cedar, Polychrome

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