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Northwest Coast Killer Whale Bowl Art Sculpture

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For sale is a Northwest Coast cedar killer whale bowl.

The lid of the bowl is the dorsal fin which is adorned with horse hair and copper on each side joining it to the lid.
The carved and painted killer whale bowl is adorned with 10 pieces of copper.
Killer Whale is an important crest & mythic being among many groups as well as clan ancestors. They are found in shamanic, story and crest art. These majestic creatures are associated with strength, dignity, prosperity and longevity.  They are also associated with copper and wealth which is reflected in the 12 pieces of copper on this bowl.
Killer Whales are also considered to be transformational figures and the reincarnations of great chiefs.  When a great chief dies, a killer whale will come close to shore to take the chief`s spirit.  Hence the hair on the dorsal fin.
On the base is written “Best Wishes Mary from Chemainus Tribe 1991 Kelly Antoine Cowichan 7/90”.  The Chemainus Tribe is on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
The measurements are 15″ L X 13 1/2″ H X 5″ W:  the condition of this killer whale bowl is very good with a nice patina.
I have been selling native art on line since 1999 so buy with confidence.

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A. I. S., A. Thrasher, A.F., A.K., A.T., Alvin Adkins, Angelique Merasty, Antone Charlie, Attributed to Bill Wilson, Aubrey Lafortune, Ben Harper, Bill Reid, Bill Wilson, BVP initials, Calvin Hunt, Charles Albert, Charles George, Christine Robert, Coolidge Roy Jr., D. Jeffrey, Daphne Odjig, Darren Yelton, Doug Harper, Douglas Horne Jr., Gene Brabant, GM, Grant White, Greg Joseph, Harold King, Henry Hunt, Herb Rice, initial ES, Initials BH, Isaac Sala, Jay Brabant, Johnny Jim, Len Paquette, Leon Ridley, LH, Norman Charlie, Norval Morresseau, Norval Morrisseau, Pat Amos, Patrick Nattral, Peter Moon, Peter Wayne Gong, R. Collings, Ragee Kuppapik, Randy Pryce & Jaada Hoanas, Raw Body, Ray Wadhams, Robert Davidson, Robert Sanderson, Ron Austin Sr., Ron Sebastian, Russel Smith, Sam Baker, Simon Dick, Simon James, T. Jackson, Tom Hans, Tony Bellerose, Unknown, Van Joseph, Victor Newman, Wayne Alfred, Wayne Carlick, Wayne Ngan, William Cook


Cedar, Copper, Polychrome, Horse hair

Region / Origin

Abalone Shell, Alaska, Fiji Samoan Islands, Fiber, Mayan, Papua New Guinea, Unkown, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Inuit, South Pacific

Tribal Affiliation

Chemainus Tribe