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Canada Northwest Coast Museum Caliber Grandmother Mask with Coppers

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This mask is an exceptional representation of a Northwest Coast Indigenous portrait mask.

For sale is a vintage Northwest Coast portrait cedar mask representing a grandmother.

In Northwest Coast culture, most masks depict the human face and are categorized as portrait masks This term implies the likeness of the visage of a real person is intended. Most of these masks are likely stylized representations of mythic ancestors. One may also assume that actual portraiture is intended. The sense of skin and underlying musculature evoked by the mask of a Haida woman wearing labret suggest this as a possibility.

This mask incorporates dark horse hair for hair as well as blond horse hair for the eyebrows.
This mask is adorned with three coppers for the labret. A labret is an ornament worn in the lower lip and the larger the size of the labret, the higher the woman`s rank suggesting this mask represents a woman of high rank.
There are separate pieces of wood for the eyeballs making the mask appear very realistic, the sign of an excellent carver.

The written inscription states “High Barn Grandmother with three Coppers T. Jackson `78”.

The dimensions are 8 X 6 inches and this exquisite mask is in very good condition for a vintage piece.

I have been selling native masks on line since 1999 so buy with confidence.

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T. Jackson


Copper, fur, Wood, Polychrome, Horse hair

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